GTF Chromium and Anti-Aging Effect

  • Most of the time, a lot of our skin problems are caused by inflammation, collagen damage and toxic accumulation in our body. They are associated with abnormal cell metabolism, including abnormal glucose metabolism.
  • Blood glucose level plays an important role in skin condition. Sufficient GTF complex in our body ensures proper glucose metabolism and conversion of glucose into energy. Thus, this ensures cell growth and helps in reverse aging.

Anti-aging and chromium (1)

  • Glycation due to high glucose intake leads to damaged and brittle collagen structure, therefore leads to aging process. A proper glucose metabolism prevents glycation, thus restoring the firming effect of skin and slowing down aging.


  • Besides that, enough level of GTF complex in the body cells effectively strengthens antioxidants in our body such as Vitamin E and catalase, thus prevention the effects of free radical and promotes anti-aging effect.


  • Longevity genes (Sirtuins-Sir 2) are found in almost all living cells and they are responsible for the cell’s lifespan extending effects. Sufficient GTF complex strengthens the longevity genes for better memory and also longer lifespan of cells (Mao., 2006).