With the beginning of 21st century, the interaction between people, work and the pace of life are becoming more complicated. With a stressful life, onsets of depression also increase dramatically. In the past, understanding of depression was rather limited. Asians, in particular, feels that mental sickness is an obscure subject. Patients are often unclear of their own problems or refuse to seek treatment. Recently, news reports indicate that suicide is one of the ten major causes of death in a number of Asian countries and this shows the severity of the problem.

It is a common mental illness with symptoms like depress in emotion, reduce interest, pessimistic, inhibition of thought, lack of initiative, self-blaming, poor appetite and not sleeping well, worried about been infected with diseases, feeling unwell in various parts of body and having suicidal thoughts in serious case. Research found that depression is a result of imbalance in brain chemicals. Man has 12% chances to be inflicted with depression while women has 25% regardless of the person’s age.



Trivalent Chromium and Depression

Trivalent chromium may have anti depressant effect by enhancing insulin utilization and increasing trytophan availability in the central nervous system. Depression patients response positively to chromium supplementation. (Mcleod & Golden, 2000)

According to research from Jonathan David Sanderson of Duke University Medical Center (North Carolina, US), there were about 70% of patients with reduced symptoms such as craving for sweets or carbohydrate compounds, weight gain, sleepy and so on after consuming GTF daily for eight weeks.

Chromium in GT&F® could assist normal nerve function. It enhances nerve cell energy to transmit nerve message effectively and also to increase the metabolic rate of the nerve cells.

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