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e jelly


e-jelly box

e jelly : Support Jelly For Taking Medicine

  • Recommended for people having difficulty of swallowing
  • Cover 2-3 pills at a time and prevent spillage
  • Doesn’t need water

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Recommendation by Japan Safety Drug Association 

Jelly pack

How to use:

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Research Study

  1. Swallowing aids does not influnce the permeability of class I and III drug to the small intestine.[1]
  2. The dissolution property of class II drug by swallowing aid were not affected. However propranolol hydrochloride has been reduced slightly.[1]


1. Adachi, N., Iwanaga, K., kimuru, K.Okano, S., Miyazak,M. and Nagal, J. About the impact of swallowing aids Jelly on the gastrointestinal absorption of drug. 2015 Mar