GT&F® Milk Powder


OverviewNutrition Facts

Key Points about GT&F® products:

  • A 100% natural food supplement- Made from Best Grade New Zealand milk, Whey Protein Concentrate, Lactoferrin and trivalent chromium.
  • Regulates blood sugar, improving cholesterol & triglyceride levels, and other inflammation-related lifestyle complications.
  • Contains Lactoferrin-Chromium complex, the well-absorbed form of dietary trivalent chromium.
  • Low in Glycemic Index (GI).
  • Halal certified (THIDA Taiwan Halal). 
  • Has various product patents from several countries, intended to prevent and maintain to optimum level.
  1. Body Fat (US 20100009014 A1)
  2. Blood Lipids (US 20060030519A1)
  3. Fatty Liver (US 20120064176A1)
  4. Cardiovascular Disorder (US 20070010426A1)
  • Has Product Liability Insurance coverage of USD 1 million. 

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Glucose Metabolism
Wound care
Cardiovascular and Liver Health
Glucose management during pregnancy

Other details:

Authorization and Registrations
Worldwide patents list
Nutrients Per Serving Per 100 g
Protein 7g 35g
Fat 2g 10g
Carbohydrate 10g 50g
Sodium 110mg 550mg
Calcium 240mg 1200mg
Magnesium 26mg 130mg
Vitamin B1 0.07mg 0.5mg
Vitamin B2 0.36mg 2mg
Vitamin B6 0.1mg 0.5mg
Vitamin B12 0.16mcg 1mcg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 kcal diets