Strestonic⨁ MBiENS

Beat the stress, sleep better and recharge with MBiENS! The exclusive formula for Calm and Tranquility.

Same as electronic devices used nowadays, humans have to ‘recharge’ too. To be energized and productive throughout the day, a good sleep quality, positive mood and calmness are crucial.

MBiENS, an exclusive botanical blend with Saffron, Ashwagandha and Magnesium and helps to

  • Improve sleep quality by 34% in after one week’s time, and 50% in one month time
  • Reduces the stress hormone by 27.9% in two month’s time
  • Promote relaxation and calmness

MBiENS-Unique Features

The Benefits

While boosting the energy at the daytime for better performance, it is important that we need a calm and good sleep quality at night to prepare the body for next day’s challenges.


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Serving direction and suggestions:

-May consume directly from the sachet or mix with 75ml of water (room temperature). To be taken before a meal.


-Recommended serving:

  • 2 sachets daily (*to observe optimum effect of improved sleep quality in after one week’s time. Please note that the result varies in different individuals).
  • For maintenance, 1 sachet daily suggested.