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What is migraine?
Migraine is a complex neurological disorder that cause throbbing pain or headache with certain associated feature such as nausea, photophobia or phonophobia. Migraine is considered as the third most common disease in the world with estimated prevalence of 1 in 7 people.

What triggers migraine?

  • Photophobia (sensitive to light)

Has been claimed as one of the major criterion for migraine

  • Phonophobia (sensitive to sound)

Part of the premonitory stage of migraine

  • Photophobia and phonophobia activate trigeminal nerve in the brain and causes the release of CGRP (Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide)

Photophobia and phonophobia

Studies proven


How MiBRAiNE works?

  • Feverfew and magnesium work synergistically to prevent inflammation and regulates vasospasm.
  • Parthenolide in feverfew reduces site of inflammation and magnesium promotes nerve calming effect.