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L​am Ah Fatt

L​am Ah Fatt (64) Senawang Jaya

Sickness: Kidney malfunction, Weak urination, Frequent urination at night, Fatigue

Before: Two months ago, my urination was weak and had to urinate many times at night. I often felt fatigue and could not drive and run my business. My daughter brought me for blood test and my blood test report shown that I have high blood sugar at 6.6 mmol/L; high cholesterol at 6.5 mmol/L and high creatinine at 256 µmol/L. Doctor advised me to start dialysis after 2 weeks and been told that i have prostate problem. I am very worried and scared of undergoing dialysis.

After: I took 1 sachet of GT&F® Milk Powder and two GT&F® capsules, 3 times a day. After about two months, my blood sugar and cholesterol dropped to 5.5 mmol/L and my creatinine dropped to 133 µmol/L. The doctor told me that I do not have to  undergo dialysis anymore and I am very happy. Furthermore, my urination has improved and night urination has reducing. I can drive now and resume my business as usual.

Chua Siah Chiang

Chua Siah Chiang (59) Sandakan, Sabah

Sickness: Knee caps inflammation and Unable to move

Before: I live in 5th floor, always felt breathless and tired when climb up stairs. My left knee cap developed problem and got inflamed. Having no choice, I had to undergo 5 operations. After the second operation, my leg started to get swollen and very painful. I couldn’t wake up and  totally felt like paralysed. I couldn’t move for 8 months. I had to use crutches to support my right leg in order to move around at home. Due to long term stress on my right leg, my knee cap started to get inflamed. My doctor finally operated on my right knee cap as well.

After: My left knee cap wound recovered  completely after 13 days of operation and I could move very well. With the help of GT&F® Milk Powder, I only needed to undergo one operation and I could move within 2 weeks as compared to my left leg which had undergone 5 operations and couldn’t move for 8 months! Till now, I continue to consuming GT&F® Milk Powder and the staircase is no longer a problem. I do not feel tired anymore and my legs are strong even walking continuously for a long distance.

Son Kit Meng

Son Kit Meng (42) Semenyih, Selangor

Sickness: Eye damaged by external object

Before: I am a mechanic. 8 years ago, I damaged my left eye accidentally at my work place and it became inflamed badly. I applied medicinal liquid provided by doctor for my eye twice a day. However, I faced difficulty during work as without putting the liquid, my eye became very painful and uncomfortable.

After: My friend introduced GT&F® products to me. After consuming it for a week, I excreted toxins (black substances) through frequent defecation. The good thing was, I no longer felt tired and became energetic. 2 months later, my eye stopped shedding tear and I no longer needed to use the medicinal liquid. A month after that, I was able to open my eye much wider as compared to initial days.

Ong Nyuk King

Ong Nyuk King (46) Brunei

Sickness: Pyrexia(heaty), Appearance of white spots on tongue, Dizzy

Before: I wake up at 5am every morning and work until about 12 noon. After a short rest, I continue with my job from 2pm until 11pm. The problem I faced was that there were white spots observed on my tongue and also I often did not get enough sleep due to long working hours. Furthermore, I always felt heaty and this made me dizzy when I woke up the next day.

After: Ever since my friend introduced GT&F® Milk Powder to me, I consumed a sachet every night. 2 weeks later, I noticed that the white spots on my tongue had disappeared and my health improved greatly. I no longer experienced excessive body heat and dizziness.

Suzanna Liew Fui Lan

Suzanna Liew Fui Lan (57) Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Sickness: Fatigue, Insomnia

Before: I was really miserable, always feeling very tired. I was also suffering from insomnia every night. I even felt sleepy when driving.

After: My friend introduced GT&F® Milk Powder to me and after a month, I experienced the wonderful effect of this product. My insomnia improved and I could go for jogging everyday that helped me to lose 5kg.

Pang Kim Hong

Pang Kim Hong (31) Johor

Sickness: Fatigue (Restless after delivery)

Before: I really didn’t enjoy good health in my early days especially during the first and second pregnancies and post deliveries. I remembered it took a long time for me to recover from my poor health after my previous two child births.

After: During my third pregnancy, I was advised to take GT&F® Milk Powder. This time, I felt I got much better stamina and my health condition was far better than the previous two pregnancies. I continued with the product even after delivery by operation and I really experienced that my physical strength and energy had restored extremely fast and getting better every day. In fact, after 2 weeks of my child birth by surgery, I recovered very noticeably and my good health was reflected by my rosy face. Not only for me, my baby was also very active and had has a strong neck as compared to the previous 2 babies.