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Chua Siah Chiang

Chua Siah Chiang (59) Sandakan, Sabah

Sickness: Knee caps inflammation and Unable to move

Before: I live in 5th floor, always felt breathless and tired when climb up stairs. My left knee cap developed problem and got inflamed. Having no choice, I had to undergo 5 operations. After the second operation, my leg started to get swollen and very painful. I couldn’t wake up and  totally felt like paralysed. I couldn’t move for 8 months. I had to use crutches to support my right leg in order to move around at home. Due to long term stress on my right leg, my knee cap started to get inflamed. My doctor finally operated on my right knee cap as well.

After: My left knee cap wound recovered  completely after 13 days of operation and I could move very well. With the help of GT&F® Milk Powder, I only needed to undergo one operation and I could move within 2 weeks as compared to my left leg which had undergone 5 operations and couldn’t move for 8 months! Till now, I continue to consuming GT&F® Milk Powder and the staircase is no longer a problem. I do not feel tired anymore and my legs are strong even walking continuously for a long distance.