Kok Kim Beng

Kok Kim Beng (50) Indonesia

Sickness: Leg tumor, Haemorrhoid, Diabetes, Feeble and weak

Before: I had been suffering from a thumb size tumor at the back of my left knee cap for about 10 years. I also had diabetes and haemorrhoid for 3-4 years. My tumor had caused me great pain and therefore I had to resort to traditional massage nightly to reduce my suffering. I had consulted several doctors and chinese physicians but the situation remained unchanged. My waist was also affected and became painful. My hands started to get numbed and strengthless.

After: There hadn’t any reaction/improvement initially. However, after consuming it for 2 months, my tumor and haemorrhoid disappeared incredibly. My leg and waist became well again amazingly. My masseur was surprised to see that  there was no more tumor in my leg. My blood glucose reading now is within the normal range and both of my hands have regained their strength.

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