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Pang Kim Hong

Pang Kim Hong (31) Johor

Sickness: Fatigue (Restless after delivery)

Before: I really didn’t enjoy good health in my early days especially during the first and second pregnancies and post deliveries. I remembered it took a long time for me to recover from my poor health after my previous two child births.

After: During my third pregnancy, I was advised to take GT&F® Milk Powder. This time, I felt I got much better stamina and my health condition was far better than the previous two pregnancies. I continued with the product even after delivery by operation and I really experienced that my physical strength and energy had restored extremely fast and getting better every day. In fact, after 2 weeks of my child birth by surgery, I recovered very noticeably and my good health was reflected by my rosy face. Not only for me, my baby was also very active and had has a strong neck as compared to the previous 2 babies.