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Wong Koon Fah

Wong Koon Fah (58) Selangor

Sickness: Skin Allergy

Before: I had skin allergy for almost 6 months and I dared not eat sensitive foods such as curry and seafoods.

After: I started to try GT&F® Milk Powder. I consumed 2 sachets a day and I noticed the result after 3 days. Very surprisingly, it helped to deplete all the air in my stomach and toxin were excreted along with the feces. After a week, my skin rashes had also disappeared. This product really helped to regulate my body system as it treated my sickness effectively. After a period of time, my skin allergy reappeared again. I was scared and referred to my upline who clarified the causes. Hence, I continued consuming the product confidently and after 6 months, my skin allergy problem had completely disappeared.