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Pets are the big part of man companion in our daily life. Most of the pets will have at least one or two health issues during their lifetimes. However, the risk of health care issue can be reduced by ensuring they have a preventive care routine and wellness plan. Ensure your pets health and wellness by using natural product is the best possible way. Pet Issues-01 It is important to keep your pets healthy. Always provide your pets with healthy diet, clean bedding and routine exercise to keep them healthy.

Importance of using functional animal care products:
  • Limited medical treatment options for animals
  • Solving the difficulty of feeding pets with medicines
  • Enhance wellness of the pets
  • Alternative disease prevention and management
  • Improve overall quality of life
Why is it important to maintain gut health in pets?

It is not just for better digestive systems such as nutrient   absorption and stool regularity; the condition of the pet’s gut health also determines much of their immune health. Supplying your pets with beneficial probiotics balance gut flora by     restricting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, hence reducing the production of toxins. A healthy gut also ensures the pet’s energy level and mental health too.

Pets and skin concerns

One of the most common health challenges in pets are problems related to the skin and fur. As the largest organ in their body, a healthy skin and fur not only makes them look good, but also protects them from factors such as environmental stress and pathogens. To maintain a healthy-looking fur, proper grooming and most importantly, nutrition plays an important role.

The importance of maintaining urinary tract health

Urinary Tract infection (UTI) is common among pets, especially dogs, for which it affects 14% of all dogs throughout their lifetimes[1]. UTI not only causes pet discomfort, and it can be potentially dangerous if unaware. UTI can be observed through difficulty of urination, bloody urine and licking of urinary opening. Hence, therapeutic diet and maintaining pet hygiene is normally recommended for UTI relief. Our Product six no

Probiotic Miracle®


Probiotic supplementation formulated specifically for the dietary and health needs ideally for dog and cat of all ages. Probiotic Miracle® supply probiotics which are scientifically proven to help fortify the lining of the pet’s intestine. Optimum effectiveness and wellness achieved in 30 days of usage.

A powerful formula that combines d-mannose[2] and cranberry to strengthen urinary health and provide superior support against urinary tract infections and bladder infections in dogs and cats. Optimum     effectiveness achieved in 3-4 weeks of usage.
Kidney Restore 

A natural probiotic supplement blend to support normal renal and urinary health, such as neutralization of harmful acids that build up in the weak kidneys, as well as decompose uremic toxins. Improvements observed in 1 month’s time.
Kidney Shield

A natural sourced Omega-3 fatty acid oil supplementation that helps to protect kidney health[3], as well as enhance heart and skin health. The pets able to receive the benefit of product in 1-3 month’s time.
Miamor Cat Treat for Hairball Relief

Functional cat treat containing malt extract which helps to excrete hairballs naturally and taurine for keeping cats healthy. Low in calories and colouring free, suitable for daily use. Available in original meat flavour and cream cheese flavour.
Kidney Restore Dog Treats

Hand-made dog treat for support, restore and regenerate the kidney function as well as reduce inflammation. Formulated with Vitamin C,E, and B-complex that helps to boost immune system. It is specially formulated for dogs of any size and all ages.