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Take as when taking Medication or when necessary for Smooth Swallowing

e Jelly is a support jelly for taking medicine

e Jelly covers 2 to 3 pills at a time and doesn’t need water to swallow medicine

e Jelly is in grape flavor and has no sensation of having medicine in mouth as it coats the medicine

e Jelly is recommended for people having difficulty of swallowing medicine, especially older adults, children or people with medical conditions that affect their throat

e-Jelly will help you take medicine in a variety of situations!

The jelly coats your medicine so there is no sensation of having medicine in your mouth. It makes taking medicine easy

You can knead the jelly to whichever softness you desire

Can be used for everything from capsules and tablets to powders

No need to crush medicine and mix with food. Use e-Jelly to quickly take medicine

*Crushing medicine can reduce its effectiveness!

e-Jelly has 1/10 the water when compared to drinking water with medication. Great for anyone on restricted water intake

It's small so putting it in your bag is easy. And you don't need to carry ectra water. When away from home taking medicine is a breeze

With e-Jelly you can take medicine without water. If you don't have immediate access to water, it's no problem

*During emergencies e-Jelly has been used as a medicine support item.

Japan patented product with little syneresis, doesn’t separate and prevent choking and aspiration pneumonia.

The most important property of medicine support jelly is that it coats the medicine and separation doesn’t occur

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 packet (5ml)
Servings Per Box: 10 packets
Nutrients Per Serving
3.00 kcal
0 g
0 g
0.74 g
1.20 mg

Reasons of difficulty to swallow medicine

Size and shape of the pill:

  • Some pills are large, making them harder to swallow.

  • Irregularly shaped pills or capsules may not slide easily down the throat, causing discomfort or a sensation of getting stuck.

Fear or anxiety or other psychological factors:

  • Negative experiences in the past, such as choking or feeling the pill get stuck, can contribute to this fear.

  • Strong aversion to taking medications or anxiety related to swallowing in general, can contribute to difficulties in taking pills.

Dry mouth:

  • Insufficient saliva production or dryness in the mouth can make it challenging to swallow pills.

Underlying medical conditions:

  • Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), esophageal disorders, or neurological conditions can affect the muscles and nerves involved in swallowing.

Usage Method:

To be taken together with medication when having difficulty of swallowing medicine.

How to use

*Please knead well before use

If using a small bowl

① Knead well before opening.

② Tear open corner as shown below.

③ Add half of jelly packet to spoon. Add medicine. Cover medicine using remaining jelly.

④ Swallow.

If using a spoon

① Put medicine (pills, capsules, supplements, etc.) into a small bowl or cup.

② Knead jelly well and then tear open corner.

③ Add jelly on top of medicine.

④ Mix using a spoon and then swallow.

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