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GT&F® Nutri Capsule

Formulated Chromium-Lactoferrin

Solution for improving insulin sensitivity
Reg. No.: MAL20116138NC

Patented product in more than 20 countries

Evidence based studies published in journals

Made of all-natural ingredients

Suitable for lactose intolerant individuals

Why Chromium Supplementation has to be Continuously?

Normal healthy individuals need a daily intake 50-200mcg of chromium

Chromium level in body decreases as the age increases

Supplementation of 200-400mcg chromium daily is recommended for individuals with glycemic concern

Absorption of chromium from foods is only 0.3-0.4%

Inadequate chromium intake results in impaired glucose tolerance and also links to insulin resistance

Health Benefits of Chromium Supplementation

Besides that, studies also shown that chromium supplementation able to:

  • Lower Triglycerides level by 11.71mg/dL

  • Increase HDL level by 1.73mg/dL

  • Reduce myocardial infarction size by 13.7%

Improving of insulin resistance and chronic inflammation helps to improve:

  • Fatty Liver

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)- chromium level is low in RA individuals

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Obesity


  1. Take 1-2 capsules daily. Best taken before breakfast, and before meal.
  2. Individuals with cow’s milk allergy must use with caution.
  3. Pregnant and lactating women please consult health professional’s advice before consuming this product.

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