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GT&F® Milk Q&A


Any nutrient content difference between the GT&F milk powder and the capsule?

There are differences in the level of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients. However, the trivalent chromium content, per serving, is the same. Chromium content of one sachet of GT&F Milk Powder is similar to 2 GT&F Nutri capsules.

Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase the product(s) either by contacting us directly. As of January 2016, GT&F Milk is available in every Caring pharmacy outlet nationwide. It is also available in our panel doctors’ clinics.

Can a healthy normal person consume GT&F product?

According to study, normal healthy individuals need about 50-200mcg of chromium daily. Research study by Dr. Stephan Davies has shown that chromium level in the body decreases with age. Besides that, chromium from foods has low absorption rate which is only 0.3-4% (Cefalu & Hu, 2004). GTF chromium supplementation prevents insulin resistance and diabetic complications.

How is GT&F Milk different from other diabetic milk?

GT&F Milk is specially formulated with chromium, vitamin B and amino acids for the GTF complex formation, and glucose metabolism, therefore it is not nutritional complete. Other ‘diabetic milks’ are in complete nutrition which means they are meal replacements suitable for individuals with glycemic concern.

Is this product suitable for pregnant women?
GT&F products are formulated for peoples who are concern about their blood glucose level. However, they not nutritionally complete, they should still consume other nourishing milk products to meet their daily dietary needs.
For women diagnosed gestational diabetes, based on study they can take 4-8mcg of Cr/kg (Jovanovic et al., 1999). It is advised that they need to monitor their blood glucose daily, and they can stop the product once the blood glucose back to normal.
Can infants and children consume GT&F products?

Generally, all healthy children aged below 18 years old have sufficient GTF stores in the body.  However, if a particular child frequently falls sick, or has open wound, it is advisable for the child consume half a sachet of GT&F® Milk daily. On the other hand, children with type 1 diabetes advisable to take half sachet of GT&F milk daily to prevent insulin resistance, at the same time follow up with health professionals with the blood glucose changes. However, GT&F products do not intend to treat or cure any diseases. Therefore, before consuming the product, kindly discuss with us first. We will assist you in seeking medical advice.

How long does one have to take GT&F® milk supplement to observe positive health effects?

It varies between individuals depending on their health status. GT&F products are chromium supplement that helps to build up body GTF level. Research shown that a significant reduction of 22% on plasma glucose level is observed after 16 weeks after taking the GTF milk powder (pet et al., 2006). For a diabetic patient to show a significant decrease in blood glucose, he/she requires regular consumption of GT&F® Milk Powder for about 1 to 3 months. For most individuals, once they start consuming GT&F® Milk supplement, they will experience general health improvements. For example, increase in body stamina, lesser urinary issues at night, faster healing wounds etc.

Is chromium toxic?

There are 2 forms of chromium, hexavalent chromium and trivalent chromium. Hexavalent chromium (Cr 6+) that often found in paints, welding fume are toxic. Biologically essential Trivalent Chromium is considered as one of the least toxic nutrients. It cannot be oxidized in the living organism to the carcinogenic hexavalent state.

If a person has lactose intolerance, how should GT&F® Milk Powder be consumed?

Lactose intolerance is mainly due to low secretion of lactase resulting in incomplete breakdown of lactose and end up with stomach discomfort. For individuals with mild intolerance, they can take the product after meal. GT&F® Nutri Capsule can provide same amount of GTF chromium to our body and has same positive health effect especially blood glucose control with less milk content.

Does GT&F® interact with other medication?

GT&F® is a natural food made from New Zealand best grade milk powder with whey protein concentrate. Since it does not contain any drugs, toxic elements, hormones or steroids, it does not interact with most medication. GT&F®, however, will alter the blood sugar level. Hence, diabetics who are taking oral hypoglycemic medications or injecting insulin, have to closely monitor their blood sugar levels. They should consult their doctors immediately if they experience symptoms of hypoglycemia as there may be a need for dose alteration.

Can people with kidney concern take GT&F milk?

Protein intake is one of the concerns for people with kidney concern. Pre-dialysis patients can take 0.6-0.8g of protein/kg daily (Kopple et al., 2013). One sachet of GT&F milk contains 7g of protein. It is advisable to check with dietician or health professionals on how much protein can be taken daily, as well as for protein intake adjustments.


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