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Renadic Q&A


How is Renadic benefits individual with kidney concern and CKD?
The purpose of this product is to provide competent amino acid supplementation for pre-dialysis patients with limited protein intake. Renadic is formulated with optimum ratio of protein (3g), phosphorous (2.8mg) and sodium (43mg).
Dialysis patients may consume Renadic under professionals’ supervision and personal nutrition guidelines to obtain sufficient EAAs to replace amino acids loss during dialysis treatment. In fact, when the patients are receiving high-flux dialysis, the losses will be higher. Hence, sufficient amount of EAAs intake is vital to create a net positive balance.

Should CKD patients adjust their protein intake if they are practicing prescribed dialysis diet/low protein diet (LPD)/very low protein diet (VLPD)?

For stable, non-dialysis dependent CKD individuals, a low-protein diet (LPD) is recommended with a daily intake of 0.6-0.8g/kg, whereas Renadic provides only 3g protein/sachet. Besides that, a healthcare professional should be consulted before consuming. Monitoring of the blood biochemistry to check the urea level and other nitrogenous wastes are important.

Can pregnant woman and young children take Renadic?

Renadic consists of formulated protein as one of the macronutrients required in our daily diet and provides all the EAAs needed by our body.
However, Renadic is not formulated for pregnant women and growing children. It does not fully support overall growth and development during pregnancy and childhood times.

Is there any contraindication of Renadic?

Renadic is designed to supply EAAs to kidney patients, and also those who have limited protein intake. Therefore, it should not be confused or compare with optimum or sports protein formula. EAAs are found in regular foods, therefore, there are no risks associated with taking EAAs and medicines. However, kindly consult healthcare professionals if have any concerns.

Does Renadic interact with other medications?

Renadic is a natural food with essential amino acids. However, Renadic contains probiotics, therefore, it is not advisable to take Renadic at the same time with antibiotics to observe better effects.


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