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Pets are the big part of man companion in our daily life. Most of the pets will have at least one or two health issues during their lifetimes. However, the risk of health care issue can be reduced by ensuring they have a preventive care routine and wellness plan. Ensure your pets health and wellness by using natural product is the best possible way.

It is important to keep your pets healthy. Always provide your pets with healthy diet, clean bedding and routine exercise to keep them healthy.

Importance of using functional animal care products:

  • Limited medical treatment options for animals
  • Solving the difficulty of feeding pets with medicines
  • Enhance wellness of the pets
  • Alternative disease prevention and management
  • Improve overall quality of life

Why is it important to maintain gut health in pets?

It is not just for better digestive systems such as nutrient absorption and stool regularity; the condition of the pet’s gut health also determines much of their immune health. Supplying your pets with beneficial probiotics balance gut flora by restricting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, hence reducing the production of toxins. A healthy gut also ensures the pet’s energy level and mental health too.

Pets and skin concerns

One of the most common health challenges in pets are problems related to the skin and fur. As the largest organ in their body, a healthy skin and fur not only makes them look good, but also protects them from factors such as environmental stress and pathogens. To maintain a healthy-looking fur, proper grooming and most importantly, nutrition plays an important role.

The importance of maintaining urinary tract health

Urinary Tract infection (UTI) is common among pets, especially dogs, for which it affects 14% of all dogs throughout their lifetimes[1]. UTI not only causes pet discomfort, and it can be potentially dangerous if unaware. UTI can be observed through difficulty of urination, bloody urine and licking of urinary opening. Hence, therapeutic diet and maintaining pet hygiene is normally recommended for UTI relief.

Product Lists

Kidney Restore Series

Kidney Restore for Cats and Dogs®

A natural probiotic supplement blend to support normal renal and urinary health, such as neutralization of harmful acids that build up in the weak kidneys, as well as decompose uremic toxins. Improvements observed in 1 month’s time.

Kidney Restore PhosFix™ for Cats and Dogs

Containing Niacinamide with chitosan, PhosFix helps to balance phosphate level in small, medium & large size cats and dogs. Plus, support healthy cholesterol levels and normal elimination of kidney toxins.

Nusentia Series

Probiotic Miracle®

Probiotic supplementation formulated specifically for the dietary and health needs ideally for dog and cat of all ages. Probiotic Miracle® supply probiotics which are scientifically proven to help fortify the lining of the pet’s intestine. Optimum effectiveness and wellness achieved in 30 days of usage.

Enzyme Miracle®

A 9-enzyme, multi-tasking formulation helps to maintain furkid’s digestive system and process, maintaining healthy weight and providing immediate support for the pancreas. Easy-to-use tasteless powder form.


A powerful formula that combines d-mannose and cranberry to strengthen urinary health and provide superior support against urinary tract infections and bladder infections in dogs and cats. Optimum effectiveness achieved in 3-4 weeks of usage.


A pharmaceutical grade, triple distilled omega-3 fish oil liquid for dogs and cats, sourced from Norway small species fish with 40% more EPA and DHA. Ideal for both cats and dogs. Promotes furkid’s brain health, reduces inflammation as well as for better skin and fur health.

Nusentia DERMIX

For Dogs Beneficial with excessive shedding issues, skin conditions, and allergies, as well as providing extra boost for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Liquid form: Containing essential fatty acids and minerals.

Nusentia RJX for Dogs™

RJX for Dogs™ provides most studied natural nutrients for joint health: glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. Also, a special form of manganese, which is a critical mineral in support of joint health. Highly bioavailable, RJX for Dogs™ lubricates joints, supports joint repair, and eases pain related to inflammation.

Pala-Tech Series

Joinsha Series

Fish oil with Astaxanthin

IFOS certified, high purity fish oil sourced from Peruvian small fishes. With readily absorbed Omega-3 and Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant. Promotes healthy and beautiful coat for furkids, reduces hair shedding and skin dryness.

The Little Cat Series


An AI App based MEDISAND diagnostic beads detects a cat’s renal health condition by changing the bead’s colour when the cat urinates on them. It is capable of detecting alkali condition and traces of blood which are invisible to naked eyes.

Alkali Urine beads- to detect alkali urine

Hematuria beads- to detect presence of blood in urine

Download the app for bead checking and looking for nearest vet clinic


Colour-changing urination pad for easy identification of the kidney-related urinary tract disease of a dog, which is the most common health issue among dogs. Results can be checked using app too.

Download the app for bead checking and looking for nearest vet clinic


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