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How long will it take to prove the effect of MBiENS?

Based on available clinical studies data on related ingredients, about 1-2 weeks to show the efficacy of sleep and mood improvement, with 2 sachets daily. To achieve the best overall effect, 2 sachets daily for about 8-10 weeks. Users can choose to reduce to one sachet per day or one sachet for every 2-3 days if condition improves. It is noted that results are vary in different individuals.

Will MBiENS cause dependency?

Ingredients are clinically proven to be safe and do not cause dependency, even stop using for a few days to few months.

What are the contraindications of MBiENS? Will there be dependency?

Mbiens is made of natural food grade ingredients- formulated within daily allowance and generally, well tolerated for long term usage. However, the intake must be in moderate amounts as excessively high amounts of ashwagandha and saffron may cause GI discomfort. Avoid the use of MBiENS with alcohol consumption.

Besides pregnant ladies, patients on blood thinner, hyperthyroidism are not advised to use MBiENS, where interaction and side effects with MBiENS theoretically may occur although not reported.

Can children take MBiENS?

Ingredients are safe for 6 years old and above. Based on research, 30mg Saffron and 2g Ashwagandha daily are safe. (Stephanie, 2020; Shetty et al. 2004). However, studies done on children are for the purpose of ADHD disorder and as a tonic supplement, respectively. There is a lack of data on the usage of saffron and ashwagandha against anxiety, stress, and sleep in children.